Charles I, Royalist Badge

Charles I, silver Royalist Badge, by Thomas Rawlins, with armorial reverse

Charles I, silver-gilt Royalist Badge

A superb double-portrait badge, by Thomas Rawlins, with excellent portraits

Charles I, small silver Royalist Badge

Charles I, Royalist Badge, by Thomas Rawlins, with armorial reverse

Admiral Robert Blake, Restitutional Medal

Admiral Robert Blake (1598-1657), “General of the Sea", 1649, a gilt-metal copy of the restitutional Medal by Stuart

Charles II, Wedgwood Medal

Charles II, Jean Dassier’s medal, a black basalt ceramic reproduction by Wedgwood, c 1780’s- 1790’s

Charles II, Marriage Medal, 1662

Charles II and Catherine of Braganza, Marriage 1662, small copper medal, by George Bower

Princess [Later Queen] Anne Marriage Medal

Princess Anne and Prince George of Denmark, Marriage 1683, silver medal by George Bower

The Battle of Blenheim, 1704

John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough (1650 -1722), a German silver medal, by Georg Hautsch, the Victory at the Battle of Blenheim, 1704 

Union with Scotland, 1707

Queen Anne, small copper medal for the Union with Scotland, 1707

The young “Old Pretender”

Prince James, Complimentary silver medallet, 1699, by Norbert Roettiers